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Press Release ‚ Ourisman Environmental LLC Launches ‚”Gas Up at Home” Service.

September 17, 2008

Bethesda, Md ‚ The convenience of fueling up at home and driving a car that gets great mileage and pollutes less than any other on the road today is about to become a reality for some new car buyers in the Washington metropolitan area. Beginning in October, Ourisman Environmental LLC will begin selling and installing ‚ “at home” refueling appliances for buyers of Honda’s Civic GX model, a vehicle that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) and is capable of traveling 230 miles on a single tank of the fuel.

The Ourisman Environmental home refueling system consists of a gas compressor hooked up to the natural gas line of conventional home heating systems that will be capable of ‚ “recharging” the Honda Civic’s GX tank overnight. Ourisman Environmental’s installation of the , “state of the art” home refueling system will be on a hassle-free, turn-key basis with all work done by professionally licensed plumbers/electricians. The permitting for the device will also be taken care of by Ourisman Environmental LLC.

CNG is an abundant, clean burning fuel that is sourced nearly 100% in North America. It offers an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to foreign oil and gasoline, but its availability for automotive uses is not widespread in this country, notes Benjamin Ourisman, a principal of the company. Our home refueling system addresses that shortcoming. You can you now avoid the hassle of searching for gas and CNG stations and save on fuel costs at the same time, he says. Natural gas is the cleanest burning commercially available fuel and costs about half of what gasoline costs.

Honda is the only car company that currently produces a vehicle configured to run on CNG (it will produce 1,500 to 2,000 Honda GX models this year) but Ourisman says their home refueling system will work for any other automaker choosing to offer such vehicles. The Ourisman dealerships currently hold 25 separate automotive franchises in the metropolitan area. ‚ We are committed to being the leading solutions provider for consumers choosing alternative fuel vehicles in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area, Ben Ourisman says.

Ourisman Environmental’s DNA is connected to nearly 100 years of customer service excellence and best practice ‚ “know how,” in and around the nation’s capitol.

The entire alternative fuel vehicle ownership experience must exceed expectations‚ from the initial order for the vehicle to the home refueling system installation and through many years of clean burning, economical and environmentally friendly operation,” says John M. Ourisman, CEO of the Ourisman Company. ‚ own a natural gas powered vehicle, fill it with CNG at home and drive it every day. It feels good making a difference and it’s relatively easy to do,” he says.

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