Our Philosophy

Ourisman Environmental was founded in 2008 with the intentions of giving consumers in the Washington DC area the opportunity to drive a car that runs on fuels other than gasoline, and the ability to do all their refueling at their own homes.At Ourisman Environmental we realize that gasoline is a finite commodity and, its scarcity will heighten geopolitical tensions. Both electric and natural gas powered vehicles serve as solutions to the global issue of diminishing fossil fuel reserves. These solutions also provide incentives for the environmentally conscious. Natural gas is the cleanest burning, widely available fuel source for an internal combustion engine, and electric vehicles have the capability of providing zero-emission transportation. It is our responsibility to make this technology as widely available to the public as we can.
Today Ourisman Environmental’s mission has expanded to include natural gas and electric vehicle charging products for businesses and institutions.

Ourisman Environmental is fortunate to have 90 years of experience from Washington DC’s automobile business hardwired into its corporate DNA. This will contribute to making every aspect of purchasing or converting a vehicle, installing a home or commercial refueling appliance, or the purchase and installation of Level II electric charging devices, a seamless operation for our customers.

We are committed to being the leading solutions provider for consumers, businesses and institutions choosing alternative fuel vehicles in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area.