Bi-Fuel Conversion

CNG Vehicle Conversions

Today, Honda is still the only major automobile manufacturer to mass produce a factory CNG automobile, the Honda Civic Natural Gas. However, other manufacturers are producing “gaseous prep” vehicles which are authorized for CNG conversion thru the manufacturer’s conversion partner. Vehicles converted thru this process retain all factory warranties. However, most manufacturers will limit sales to commercial or fleet qualified purchasers only. Currently in the U.S., the majority of light and medium-duty CNG vehicles in operation today are the result of a conversion process or retrofit performed by qualified installers utilizing after-market kits manufactured by a variety of reputable companies across the nation.

Today, there are two types of CNG fuel systems available:

  • Dedicated vehicles or conversions that have removed the gasoline fuel system entirely to run solely on CNG. Normally the fuel capacity will be equal to or larger than the original gasoline or diesel tank.
  • Bi-fuel vehicles that have the ability to run on either CNG or gasoline/diesel. These bi-fuel vehicles typically retain their original gasoline/diesel tank and are retrofitted with an additional, supplemental CNG tank(s).